Our Story

Long before we broke ground on our Portland and Ontario locations, we spent considerable time toiling over what the ideal cannabis dispensary would look like. We knew from the outset that we would only carry the very best cannabis products available.

After many days of meaningful interactions, we discovered that our customers share these similar core values:

(1) education;
(2) safety; and
(3) community.

We aspire to bring education about how to find the best possible strain for your needs. As a result, we’ve integrated terpene profiling into our menu system and hired the most brilliant budtenders in Oregon to answer your questions. Because of this, many customers remark that Zion is a different experience where they feel they are getting a unique interaction.

We also value your safety highly, so we have set a new standard for pesticide screening well above what the law requires. We have the cleanest products in the market and you can feel confident in everything we put on our shelves.

And finally, we value community. This is because your community is our community too. We feel that more than any other industry, the cannabis industry should be about coming together as a vibrant and diverse community. It has been a long struggle to get where we are today and we all play a valuable part.

We are also extremely excited to bring you online sales for pickup in our lobby. This is important during the Covid-19 pandemic and also for those in a hurry. We know sometimes you get busy, and saving you time can be important.

As the weed industry grows and evolves, we plan to remain on the cusp of new cannabis research and delivery methods. We have big plans to grow, and we hope you will grow with us.

So come by and see our award winning bud tenders in our Ontario dispensary and our top-rated Portland Dispensary.  See what we’re doing differently.  We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Focused on You


Customer Safety


Community Involvement

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